900 Series

Policy No. Policy Title
900 Objectives of Buildings and Sites
901.1 Buildings and Sites Survey
901.3 Buildings and Sites Long Range Planning
901.4 Selection of an Architect
901.5 Educational Specifications for Buildings and Sites
901.8 Financing Sites and Construction
901.9 Site Acquisition
902.1 Maintenance Schedule
902.2 Requests for Improvements
902.4 Use of Contract Service
902.5 Disposition of Obsolete Equipment
902.7 Stock Epinephrine Auto-Injector Supply
902.8 Buildings & Sites Adaptation For Persons with Disabilities
902.9 Vandalism
902.10 Energy Conservation
902.11 Lease, Sale or Disposal of School District Buildings & Sites
902.12 Building, Site and Equipment Inspection
902.13 District Emergency Operations Plans
902.14  Operations During Public Emergencies
902.14R1 District Operations During a Public Health Emergency Regulations
902.15 Asbestos Containing material