January 2023 Updates

January 2023 Updates
Posted on 01/01/2024

After gathering survey data from district staff (39 responses) and parents (175 responses), Dr. Kaster has drafted a calendar based on the responses from the survey and state requirements. This information was shared with the School Board at their December meeting.

When looking through the draft calendar, please note a couple of things:

• The current start date of Aug. 23 is determined by the state. When talking with our legislators this fall, there is conversation about potentially adjusting that start date. As the decisions are made at the state level, we will consider adjusting to ensure we are starting school as early as allowed. 

• If the start date adjusts and puts two additional days of instruction on the calendar, we discussed the potential for student return day of January 6 as compared to Friday, January 3 as it is currently on the draft. 

• The state determines we are required to have a calendar of at least 1080 hours. The current draft has 1109.25 hours. This will allow for flexibility of potential delays or cancellations.  

If you have any additional feedback or questions regarding the draft 2024-25 calendar, please reach out to Dr. Kaster prior to the January 10 School Board Meeting for consideration. 

You are also welcome to reach out to one of the school board members to provide feedback on this topic as well. If there are no major changes, the draft calendar will be an action item to consider for approval at the Wednesday, January 10 School Board Meeting.